Brazilian Cultural Considerations for Website Translation and Localization


  • Collectivism: Brazil is a collectivist culture. Brazilian websites may be culturally customized by emphasizing collective themes like family and community. For example, Häagen-Dazs has a section entitled, “Imprensa” which features pictures of Brazilian customers enjoying Häagen-Dazs at their own social gatherings.
  • Masculine – Feminine: Brazil is a masculine culture. There are numerous ways that masculinity can be depicted on a Brazilian website, including placing an emphasis on achievement, success, product durability, as well as adventure and fun.
  • High-Low Context: When customizing a site for a high-context culture like Brazil, elements like harmony and aesthetics should be considered. For example, LG emphasizes harmony on their website in their choice of colors and images. Furthermore, on their Brazilian website LG has a special multimedia section on “experience LG”. This interactive section enables Brazilian consumers to choose different multimedia commercials and advertisements for a unique experience.

Brazilian Cultural Correctness: Images and Color


There are many Brazilian symbols and icons that carry special cultural meaning for Brazilian culture. It is important to be aware of them to avoid inappropriate imagery or major cultural blunders.


  • The Fig: This is a good luck sign that is made by placing the thumb between the index and middle fingers while making a fist. It is also considered a national symbol of Brazil.
  • Handkerchiefs: In Brazilian culture, handkerchiefs symbolize grief and mourning, especially when handed to a person.
  • Owls: If an owl circles a walking person directly overhead, it is considered a bad omen.
  • Vulgar Symbols: The “OK” sign, made by a circle of the first finger and thumb, is considered a vulgar symbol.
  • Purple: The color of mourning
  • Black: The color of mourning, grief or formality.
  • Red: Strength, reliability, happiness and prosperity.

Brazilian Search Engine Marketing and Optimization


A Brazilian search engine marketing campaign should be multi-dimensional, including not only localized organic search content, but also localized pay-per-click (PPC) campaign advertisements. Furthermore, Brazilian Portuguese landing pages can be a useful tool in an overall Brazilian SEM strategy.


Long-term search engine marketing plans should include the use of Brazilian Portuguese keywords and English keywords. Brazilian Portuguese may be the primary language of business in Brazil, but many Brazilian Internet users continue to also visit English language websites for content.


The top level website domain in Brazil is .br. Other domains that are popular in Brazil are .com, .org, .net, .info, and .biz. It is advisable to have a Brazil-based legal representative when a non-Brazilian company decides to obtain a local domain, such as The domain needs to be registered at


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More Resources on Brazilian Portuguese Translation


When localizing your Brazilian website into Portuguese language, it is important to research cultural and linguistic issues for the specific market that you are targeting. Keyword list localization is a very different process from standard translation; you should ensure that your SEM and/or Localization Agency has the experience and understands the requirements for performing this service so that they can provide you with appropriate localized Brazilian Portuguese keywords. This will ensure that your Brazilian Portuguese content is optimized for Brazilian search engines and will produce maximum results.


Globalization Partners International has created a more extensive overview of website globalization for Brazilian consumers in a white paper, Website Globalization and E-Business Brazil, which is available via a free download.


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