Differences between European and Brazilian Portuguese

European-vs-Brazilian-PortugueseBrazilian, African and European Portuguese have meaningful differences as they not only differ in spelling but also in the use of verb tenses and terminology. The use of European Portuguese is unacceptable to Brazilians in many situations, and vice-versa. The choice of words can be completely different between the two languages, resulting most of the times in weird or “laughable” expressions; particularly in technical texts, where even the choice of “borrowings” are different as well.

From the localization point of view, and in most subject matters, a text translated for one target country can be edited (adapted) for another one. The problem with this solution however is that it may not be a very cost effective one since the changes are usually very extensive and the time required for adapting the text for the other market might be longer than the time required to do a regular editing. So in this case, a translation from scratch would be advisable.

Unlike Spanish, for example, there is NO such thing as standard Portuguese so at the time of hiring a translation agency for your Portuguese translation needs, you should be aware of the existence of regional differences among Portuguese speakers and require that your software, documentation or website product be localized by native speakers of the specific market where the product is going to be used.

Use of the “new” Portuguese

Everybody in Brazil is using the new Portuguese, which is mandatory since 2012. In Portugal, it started in 2009 and will be in a transition until 2015.

More Resources on Brazilian Portuguese Translation

When localizing your Brazilian website into the Portuguese language, it is important to research cultural and linguistic issues for the specific market that you are targeting. Keyword list localization is a very different process from standard translation. You should ensure that your SEM and/or Localization Agency has the experience and understands the requirements for performing this service so that they can provide you with appropriate localized Brazilian Portuguese keywords. This will ensure that your Brazilian Portuguese content is optimized for Brazilian search engines and will produce maximum results.

Globalization Partners International has created a more extensive overview of website globalization for Brazilian consumers in a white paper, Website Globalization and E-Business Brazil, which is available via a free download.

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